In its essence, Concave is about power. In his essence, Givanildo Vieira de Sousa – aka Hulk – is also about power. The two complement each other perfectly, so it makes sense that the Shanghai SIPG striker finally gets his own signature boot from the brand in the form of the Concave Halo+ ‘Hulk’.

Incredibly, Hulk has never had his own signature boot – until now. That situation has been remedied by Concave, a brand that seems tailor-made for the powerhouse from Paraiba, currently plying his trade in China. The Halo+ ‘Hulk’ provides everything tech-wise that you’d expect to see from a Halo boot, so there’s the neoprene inner for comfort, the Maze synthetic upper for stability without compromising on touch, and, of course, Concave’s marquee technology, the AccuStrike Railing System.

Hulk 6-min.jpg

But it’s in the finer details that the Halo+ ‘Hulk’ really defines itself; the poppy red base is combined with black, and that’s embellished by the gold accents that feature on the Concave heel branding and on that stunning chrome soleplate, offering the boot a premium finish. H10 branding then sits on the inner heel and on the heel strip for that signature sign-off. A fine first effort at a special edition boot from Concave for Hulk. Just got to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Oh no, wait, that’s the wrong superhero…

Hulk 7-min.jpg
Hulk 8-min.jpg

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