With a sweet spot 4 times larger than any other brand on the market Concave have found their own trademark quality within the industry. Back in the game and looking to make their concepts stick they've launched a new control silo that goes by the name, Halo+.

Where the Quantum 3 is labelled as Concave's 'Power' boot the Halo+ targets control, with a slightly smaller sweet spot than that of the Quantum. Using a high quality synthetic k-lite leather upper Concave have delivered the canvas for maxiumum ball feel and comfort, with the Halo+ being built on a wider last to accomdate players with wide feet.

Not to be put off by the large sweet spot, Concave's dual lacing system underneath the striking zone supports the player's foot for a snug fit, the sweet spot simply sits securely on top as the trademark weapon.

The Concave Halo+ is available exclusively at Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts? Let us know.