Arriving with some emerald-inspired vibes, New Balance unveil a new look for the Tekela, fresh for an assault on 2019. And the first new look for the year could well also be the last for the 1.0 model…

It’s fair to say that the Tekela hasn’t set the world on fire, but despite a criminal lack of on-pitch representation it remains a great looking boot that boasts a stunning silhouette and the striking lines of the kinetic stitch embroidery bands on the one piece upper. 

The Tekela joins the Furon 5.0 in an emerald and black colourway, with the eye-catching feature being the full metallic green soleplate, which looks even better under the floodlights on a shimmering grass pitch. The only other appearance of the green colouring on the predominantly black upper is on tech call outs and the branding. 

Tekela FI-min.jpg

Designed for the untouchable natural, the creator in the centre of the park who pulls the strings, controlling the game, it’s only a matter of time, you feel, before someone from the top level of the game discovers this hidden gem. With whispers that the Tekela is getting an upgrade this year, this could well be the last appearance for the 1.0 model. But if this does end up being the last outing, then it’s a hell of a way to bow out.

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