Introducing its latest generation upgrade by rolling out some seriously exclusive special edition treatment, New Balance unveil the ‘First Edition’ Tekela v3+, which features a colour shifting effect allowing the boots to change colour depending on the light and viewing angle.

How do you show off the most advanced version of one of your boots to date? Well if you’re New Balance, you take the ballsy move of removing all visible branding, leaving a sleek, stripped back and seductive finish that ensures focus remains on those all-important technological upgrades. And to emphasise the exclusivity of this drop, the brand are only making the ‘First Edition’ Tekela v3+ available for 48 hours. The unique design enables footballers at every level to experience New Balance’s latest innovation, at the same time as elite players.

nb 7-min.jpg
nb 8-min.jpg

So what’s new with the Tekela v3+? Well, aside from the ‘+’ addition to the title, there’s a re-engineered stretch knit upper, which has been designed to improve ease of foot entry and fit. That’s complemented by the re-designed Kinetic Stitch graphic for enhanced foot lockdown, spread across the upper to give the Tekela v3+ its unique look. And finally there’s the inclusion of a full nylon injected chassis, incorporated for in-game lightweight stability. 

The Tekela has long been the supporting act to the Furon on the New Balance stage, but it’s starting to feel like the time is coming for it to step out of the shadows. Just needs one of the many new pros on the brand’s books to embrace its offerings.

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The New Balance 'First Edition' Tekela v3+ will be available at from 14 July 2021 at 09.00am BST for 48 hours.