Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to the Tekela V1 Pro, and the team at New Balance have certainly reflected that in their new AW18 look for the boot.

The pure white forefoot instantly conjures images of fresh snow, and it works nicely with the Kinetic Stitch embroidery bands in the vamp. They’re there to provide added grip and control on the ball, but in this instance, the white-on-white look also adds to the presentation of the boot, offering a great textured appearance.

Tekela 5050 2-min.jpg
Tekela 5050 1-min.jpg

In a nice contrast to the Furon’s new look, the Tekela blends a white forefoot into a red heel. The white criss-cross patterning of the Kinetic Stitch bands continue over the red for a smart, stand-out effect. The elasticated, mid-cut collar is then given a black look, making it standout more than it has done in recent iterations.

Tekela 6.jpg

The Tekela has had to play second fiddle to the Furon thus far in its relatively short lifespan, but with fresh new looks like this combining with the impressive performance aspects, you feel it’s only a matter of time before a big name pro cottons on to the possibilities of this silo.

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