Getting a first colour upgrade of the year, New Balance launch the Tekela v2 in a “Vision Blue/Silver” combo that takes full advantage of the kinetic stitch element in the upper to provide a unique look for the playmaking specialist.

The Tekela v2 settles for a supporting role and a new paint job, with the next generation Furon v6 – New Balance’s first-ever knitted boot – likely to grab most of the headlines. But the striking new look for the control-themed silo should not be overlooked, with the blue look putting it in stark contrast to the predominantly red Furon, pitting the two against each other once again, with silver being the only link between the two.


Worn by playmakers such as US midfielder Rose Lavelle, the Tekela features a single piece throat and collar and fully bonded no-sew seam technology for superior midfoot lock-in and ultimate feel on the ball. But it’s in the no-sew technology that New Balance have really been able to play with the aesthetics of the Tekela, here combining the textured swirls on the almost metallic base, all of which fades to a dark navy as you move from the forefoot to the heel.


While it continues to play second fiddle to the ever-impressive Furon in terms of on-pitch representation, the Tekela continues to go about its business, carving out a very respectable position within the game, and with looks like this to go with it, it’s certainly one of the overlooked gems in today’s market.


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