New Balance launches into 2019 with an upgrade for its speed silo, as the Furon 5.0 debuts in an emerald green and black look that brings fresh feels to being fast.

The key benefits that the Furon 5.0 offers are decisive accuracy and explosive acceleration, and these are each achieved through a combination of technologies. A smaller lacing system that only covers the upper section of the tongue area provides the clean lace contact zone technology – essentially a larger sweet spot that is free from the interference of lace when striking the ball, and that, in turn, is complemented by the Hidraskin touch membrane that covers the entire upper. 

Furon 5050 2-min.jpg
Furon 5050 1-min.jpg

For the acceleration aspect you need to look to the underside of the boot, where the redesigned Fantom Fit full foot skeleton offers targeted lockdown, combining with the multi-zonal soleplate, high traction toe off area, and the data-driven directional stud placement, which together supposedly offers unrivalled straight line speed. So, good if you’re going in one direction… 

Furon FI-min.jpg

Having recently been spotted training in them, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane will be the main man in the Furon 5.0 on pitch. New Balance have a lot of faith in their number 1 asset, giving him his own custom boots at the end of last year, and they’ll be hoping that he can continue his good form in the latest Furon. New Balance continue to work their way into our football subconscious, most notably through high-flying Liverpool and their Senegalese star, and the Furon 5.0 represents the next step on their journey.

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