New Balance drop their first pack of limited edition game for 2019 as the Tekela V1 and Furon V5 are wrapped in "Lite Shift" uppers of punchy patterns. Dropping in restricted numbers, the collection sees both leading New Balance silos dress themselves in separate colourways for a more unique identity.

The Tekela once again lets the Kinetic stitch upper do a lot of its talking. A darker red in the toe box fades back to a bolder, more vibrant red in the heel. The odd glimmer of a star is once again present, tying the two boots of the pack together. However, the Tekela’s stars are not blurred or in motion, which makes sense as the it’s not a speed-specific boot, instead it's aimed at the playmakers in the team. With an upgrade for the Tekela expected in the not too distant futrure, this could be one of the last designs for the debut V1 generation.


It’s yet another bold look for New Balance, with the pack taking on a motion graphic across the uppers that’s reminiscent of the effects used for light speed travel in sci-fi films. And that’s not by accident: the speed of light happens to be 1079 billion kilometres per hour and New Balance are releasing 1079 pairs of each of the limited edition Furon V5 and Tekela V1 worldwide.


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