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New Balance Launch Leather Furon V6 & Tekela V2 Editions

New Balance have taken their latest on-pitch Furon V6 and Tekela V2 releases and given them a traditional makeover by transforming them into leather editions. The new generation Furon and latest Tekela drop are stripped back to basics with the most classic of colourways to land as an alternative feel that never will never die out.

It's the Furon V6 that takes on the most dramatic of re-works as a premium kangaroo leather toe-box is introduced for superior touch on the ball. Yeah they might be a touch heavier than the standard release we saw last week, but it serves a market that will forever be relevant: players who love leather football boots. A smart move that ensures the brand don't alienate a set of players who prefer that traditional feel, as well as not forgetting their own roots in football.


The New Balance Tekela V2 also takes on a premium kangaroo leather upper, once again in a predominantly black and white colourway, only this time the red splash of the Furon V6 is switched for blue to differentiate the silos. Zonal Kinetic Stitch V2 embroidered bands remain in place to provide 360° mechanical lockdown in key stress zones, and the elasticated mid-cut mesh collar offers that same locked in feel. While the Tekela sticks to that iconic 'N' branding, the Furon introduces modernised version of the 'NB' logo to carry the brand into a new decade.

While New Balance athletes such as Sadio Mané will remain in the standard editions, the leather versions will no doubt be popular at grass roots level thanks to their reliable feel and low-key vibes. It's a strong start to 2020 from New Balance Football in what is set to be a significant year for the brand as we approach a busy summer of tournament football.

Pick up the New Balance Furon V6 and Tekela V2 leather football boots at


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