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adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 "White/Black"

The resurgence of the Copa series goes next level as adidas mash up the famous boot with their most modern heritage silo. Two footballing royals take to the throne as the Copa Gloro 17.2 is installed as the people's king. The elasticated, fold-over tongue serving as it's jewel studded crown.

Some of the most simply executed boot designs remain the most relevant and popular for a certain category of player, and the adidas Copa Gloro's minimal white and black wrap built upon a Taurus leather upper will effortlessly win players over. Call it nostalgia created by the Predator and Supernova but there's something about that tidy fold-over elasticated tongue that players still can't get enough of.

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Taking characteristics from both respective silos, the adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 differs aesthetically from the standard Gloro boot and serves as a marker of success for adidas' experimental game. The best thing about the Copa Gloro? You can pick it up for £80. That's a decent pair of shin pads and a roll of sock tape these days. Steal. While we're on the subject of mash ups, a Predator ACE wouldn't go a miss. Get cooking adidas...

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