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adidas Glitch 17 'Pyro' Pack

No pyro, no party. That's the rule, and adidas have stuck to it by lighting things up with fire and flair to drop a duo of Glitch 17 outer skin updates.

The 'Pyro' pack arrives as adidas move towards the 30 mark when it comes to Glitch 17 outer-skin options. Yeah, that's a pretty decent choice. The Three Stripes have stuck with the disruptive nature of the silo by churning out new colourways and designs whenever they damn well feel like it. Keeping players on their toes, and hands in their pockets. But ultimately, they've supplied choice, gently introduced a new concept, and questioned innovation by leading from the front.

Some description
Some description

Too much choice could perhaps be criticised if this was any other boot. But the Glitch isn't any other boot, it's far from it. Thanks to it's two piece design the Glitch 17 can be switched up from game to game. Once you've got the inner-skin you can just peel on and off your outer design as and when you choose. Time to make some more room in your Glitch wardrobe for these two little dancers. 

The Glitch 17 was a London exclusive but the 'Pyro' pack is the first that will also now be available in Berlin as adidas begin to spread their innovative concept into new ground, having successfully tested the water in the U.K.

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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