Concave spark up a fiery flare to light up the new season as their leading VOLT+ silo is wrapped in a slick three-colour combination to headline the new 'Arctic Flare' collection. Build for speed and produced for power, the VOLT+ jabs hard and moves fast.

Leading the Concave charge into the 2017/18 season, the VOLT+ is dressed in a devilishly sharp "Red/White/Black" suit, a look that's flanked by white editions of the HALO+ and AURA+ to complete the full 'Arctic Flare' collection. Rasping in red, the VOLT+ delivers in simplistic style typical of a lightweight speed football boot. Minimal and mean.

The Concave Element, which provides a sweet spot 4x larger than a standard boot, is incorporated into the laces and slides effortlessly into play in matching red, while white Concave branding and black detailing provide the finishing touches. On closer inspection the upper of the boot is scattered with the VOLT+ logo for an added sense of ownership. A smart feel upstairs is complemented by a crisp finish downstairs as the lightweight Pebax outsole in black nails that slimline appearance.

An almighty good-looking football boot, yes. But, the Concave VOLT+ has the personality to match those on-pitch looks. Progressive in the lab as they are on the pitch, Concave's unique and intriguing concepts are backed up with facts. With a lightweight design that still incorporates power, you'd be lying if you said you weren't interested in lacing up in a pair.

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