The Volt + has been lauded as Concave's best football boot to date as the brand refresh their collection to mount a serious charge in 2016. Tech unveiled, time to see what Concave can do with the paint pots, starting with the "Silver/Blue" combo.

Having focused on streamlining their designs and creating an all-round lighter boot that still holds the brand's unique concepts, Concave have produced the Volt +. Consisting of a soft touch microfibre upper and an injection-moulded flexible Pebax outsole, the Volt + boasts that trademark Concave element - the shooting component that offers a larger sweet spot - a feature we ran the rule over in our recent 'Laced Up' review.

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In the past Concave have been criticised for the chunkiness of their boots but the Volt + eliminates those doubts and aesthetically it's another smart tri-coloured release as the brand have found the right balance of risk and safety in their opening two colourways. Leeds United's Mustapha Carayol is currently the most high profile name on Concave's books, but you can expect to see more players make the jump in the coming months.

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