With the dust not given a second to settle the Concave Volt + has returned, remasked. A blistering bolt of red added to a reworked silhouette of power, this model is streamlined in contemporary style.

Hitting the ground running, the Concave Volt + landed with a fresh and clean image, this is a boot that has allowed the brand to evolve with a pacey performance whilst powerfully striking through to its next chapter. A lethal punch in tow, this latest colour-up allows the boot to flourish with unquestionable dynamism.

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Sleek and brought up to speed for the modern game, having gone back to drawing board in recent seasons to focus on developing, testing and re-testing their concepts, Concave finally have a product with clean aesthetics and a modified trademark component that feels part of the boot.

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Behind the scenes working relentlessly on perfecting their next-generation product, the Concave Volt + marks the second step in a new era. This fresh instalment is one that stands up strong. What's more, in hand, it's just as clean. The overall appearance of the Volt + is streamline and lightweight, achieved by the introduction of a soft touch microfibre upper and an injection-moulded flexible Pebax outsole.

Famed for their shooting enhancing component, this re-imagined design sees the unique piece of tech sit comfortably amongst the rest of the boot as a softer and more flexibile material that gives an increased sweet spot for striking the ball cleanly.

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