Dropping more Glitch on the pitch for spring '17 adidas release a duo of updated outer-skin outfits in "Black/Red/White" and a more hectic "Yellow/Orange/Green" design. The 11th and 12th edition skins from the disruptive series add more fuel to the futuristic fire.

Since the introduction of the maverick silo in 2016, the adidas Glitch has broken rule after rule regarding the concept of traditional football boot design. Sticking two fingers up to the rest of the market the Glitch 17 rebels in recreation – built to allow players to change their style from game to game. The Glitch features with a two-piece interchangeable construction, made of an inner shoe and outer skin, GLITCH is designed to suit the modern game with a focus on adaptability. Think F50 T-unit on steroids. GLITCH has taken the most successful adidas football technologies, including a laceless upper and transformed them into a new football experience.

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The latest couple of Glitch creations maximise the use of the clean laceless upper by throwing experimental shapes across the synthetic outer-skins for an unorthodox design unseen on the standard adidas ACE and X silos. There's quiet simply nothing like the Glitch on the market and adidas are reaping the rewards for having the audacity to take the vision of a football boot and start from scratch.

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It's all about that choice, and once you've got that inner shoe you can now take your pick from twelve extensively diverse outer-wraps in both FG and SG soleplates. The Glitch skins allow players to quickly snap the outer-skins on and off to mix up their footwear with a new look for each game, should they wish to. Tech wise, we sat down with Vice President of adidas Design, Sam Handy to get the full Glitch down-low upon release. And he confirmed what we already assumed – Glitch is different in every single way. Not just the product itself, but the way it's perceived, worn and marketed.

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.