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adidas Launch GLITCH 17 "Corrozone Gold"

There's a Golden Glitch on the loose as adidas release their elusive silo in a new "Corrozone Gold" colourway to complete the full Corrozone collection consisting of three graphic designs.

There's been no pattern of Glitch releases, adidas just throw a few out there when they fancy it – and that represents the disruptive model perfectly. A three striped outcast cut adrift from the ACE and X silos the Glitch is as alternative as it gets with a concept that questions the past, present and future of football boot design. Dropping as the 17th Glitch outer-skin option, the "Corrozone Gold" edition joins "Corrozone Silver" and "Corrozone Green" colourways to complete the Corroskin line-up.

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What the Glitch offers adidas and players other than challenging the market in bespoke style is versatility. The clean upper provides the canvas for creativity and adidas have taken advantage of that with an array of designs that wouldn't fit on their 'standard' collection. Glitch is unpredictable and the collection is showing no signs of slowing down. Once you've got the inner shoe you have the options to create new looks each game. Mix up, look sharp.

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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