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adidas Launch New GLITCH Skins

The Glitch 16 launched under the radar and in a mist of exclusivity. Rewriting the way football boots were released with a secretive aura that only heightened the desire to cop a pair. As promised, adidas have dropped a couple of skin updates on their interchangeable disruptive silo.

Landing on the Glitch16 App from today, a black synthetic outer-skin and all white leather wrap are the latest additions to the Glitch16 line-up. Bulking up the first collection of launch colourways that arrived when the dynamic concept was first revealed at the end of October. Triple black and triple white, two worthy options of simplistic aesthetics covering advanced innovation.

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Choices, choices, choices. Dress it and mess it. The Glitch skins allow players to quickly mix up their footwear front with a new look for each game, should they wish to kit out their inner shoe with a wardrobe of wraps. Tech wise, we sat down with Vice President of adidas Design, Sam Handy to get the full Glitch downlow upon release. And he confirmed what we already assumed – Glitch is different in every single way. Not just the product itself, but the way it's perceived, worn and marketed.

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So, what is GLITCH? Forget X, forget ACE. GLITCH is an entirely new project from adidas created to allow players to change their style from game to game. Built with a two-piece interchangeable construction, made of an inner shoe and outer skin, GLITCH is designed to suit the modern game with a focus on adaptability. Think F50 T-unit on steroids. GLITCH has taken the most successful adidas football technologies, including a laceless upper and transformed them into a new football experience. 

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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