When Glitch shattered the mould and rewrote the rules of design upon launch, adidas had taken disruption to new levels. An experiment that challenged the concept of what a football boot should be was never going to sit back and follow suit. That would be boring, and that just ain't Glitch. Time to shake up the flavours.

Dropping in a foursome of fiesta feels, the Glitch 17 "Mirage Editions" pair the crazy with the calm to demonstrate the silo's versatility to differing player moods. Two mellow renditions at the back and a couple of fired up flashes in attack. Take your pick, Glitch is all about options and the ability to switch things up at pace. The two piece interchangeable design is the skeleton and the visual designs, with their striking colours and free-thinking flow is your personality.

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Throughout February, four new colourways will be added to the collection that has been created around the idea of optical illusions and inspired by players using their skills to trick and deceive opponents. The bold patterns have been built to change and flow with high speed movement to deliver a disruptive effect on the pitch. It ain't just colour-ups where your decision lies – three different upper materials are now on offer for a full DIY build-a-boot approach. Synthetic, leather, and the new addition, AGILITYKNIT, will sit on firm ground or soft ground stud configurations.

The adidas GLITCH will be available from February exclusively through the adidas GLITCH app.