A reinvigorated Concave brand return to the market looking to gain a firmer grasp on the game. Using their own set of unique technologies Concave have updated their Quantum silo which focuses on power and accuracy.

Concave are standing by their trademark technology theories and have tweaked the Quantum 3's strike zone concept. By incorporating Max-Grip technology, the boot is designed to naturally complement the convex shape of a football providing the player with a larger striking zone, which Concave and the Deakin University tell us provides 15% more power and distance as well as a better accuracy and protection. That signature tech sits on top of a Kangaroo Leather upper to ensure the Quantum can compete on the comfort stage.

The stud configuration sees a mixture of lightweight TPU plastic blades and oval studs. We still think it'll take a certain type of player to take the plunge into the Quantum 3, but is different always a bad thing? Some top-end player support certainly wouldn't do them any harm. You want to try them don't you?

The Concave Quantum 3 football boots are available exclusively at Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts?