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Umbro Brazil & Charlie Brown Jr. Team Up For Limited Edition Santos Shirt

Umbro Brazil and Santos have reunited with legendary Brazilian rock band Charlie Brown Jr. for a special edition jersey that follows the success of their first collaboration in 2002.

Paying tribute to the band, which originated in the coastal city of Santos, São Paulo, the Santos x Charlie Brown Jr. shirt from Umbro Brazil is limited to 1,992 jerseys to recognise the year that CBJR was formed. Presented in a sleek black pinstripe look, the shirt comes in an oversized fit and features a custom Jacquard fabric with gold branding and taping on the shoulders. The band’s name features across the centre of the jersey in grey with gold borders.

Further design details include the band’s skateboarder graphic incorporated into the Santos crest, as well as sitting beneath the retro v-neck collar and subtly featuring between the pinstripes of the jersey.

To celebrate the launch, the shirt, which comes in a stylised box, has a numbered label on the lower front part containing a text in homage to the band, along with the jersey’s, ranging from 1 to 1,992, denoting the rarity of the piece.

"Charlie Brown Jr. has a huge connection with the city of Santos," explained Eduardo Dal Pogetto, director of Umbro Brazil. "Its vocalist, the late Chorão, was a declared Santos fan and celebrated many of the club's victories. The tribute to the musical group symbolises our gratitude for its contributions and reinforces that the love for football transcends the pitch." 

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The Santos x Charlie Brown Jr. shirt is available on and on

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