Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the club’s first-ever Intercontinental Cup win, Umbro Brasil launch both the Santos home and away shirts for the 2022 season.

Back in 1962 Santos were on the cusp of one of one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, and it was punctuated by their first-ever Intercontinental Cup win, when they defeated Benfica 8-4 over the two-leg final. It was a historic moment for the Brazilian side, and now, 60 years on from that occasion, Umbro acknowledge it in the designs of both their home and away shirts for the 2022 campaign.

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Both the home and away shirts arrive in the traditional aesthetics of the club, picking up where last season's offerings left off just in time for the new Brasileirão Serie A season, so a clean white look for the home shirt and black and white stripes for the away. But within the designs are details that pay tribute to the legendary achievement, included in a tasteful  For the home shirt, the words "Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and Lisbon - Portugal", the two places where the games of the 1962 Interclub World Cup finals took place, run down the sides, while on the classic collar there is a graphic with the dates of the matches.

For the away there’s the date, place and score inscriptions repeated over an over throughout the black stripes. It’s a particularly nice execution, and it works really well on the rear of the shirt, where the numbers take on roll of the white stripes.

Another little detail that further enriches the design is in the labels of each, where a graphic contains the words "Club World Champion", again with the dates and scores of the final games, and a stylised number 60. That same little graphic is tweaked and repeated on the label on the hem.

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The Santos 2022 home and away shirts are available at umbro.com.br and santosstore.com.br