Paying tribute to the club’s fans, Umbro Brasil launch the Santos 21/22 third shirt. The design sees a tonal dark blue graphic being made up of miniature diamonds, nodding to the brand logo and the fans. The kit is set to debut on 3 October in the game against Fluminense.

Following the same design template as the recent Gremio third shirt, Umbro launch the Santos 21/22 third shirt, which comes with several design elements that pay homage to the fans. The pixelation design that dominates the front of the shirt is actually made up of small diamonds, developed with the idea that each diamond represents a fan. There’s also an added flourish on the collar that instantly elevates the whole shirt, although it strangely doesn’t appear on the women’s shirt. Seems a tad harsh to us…

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That flourish comes in the form of a lightning bolt that wraps around the classic polo-style collar, broken at the back for the appearance of the ‘SFC’ lettering. The women’s shirt, on the other hand, doesn’t have a collar, and so misses out on this touch of genius. A further highlight that does appear in both shirts however, is the artistic insert that takes position on the inside of the collar, at the nape of the neck, and it sees a moment of celebration of the fans at a game at the Urbano Caldeira Stadium.

The kit is beautiful and will certainly attract the fans and be an object of desire for those who are always excited for our team. The premiere on 3 October, in Vila Belmiro, will crown this design. Umbro Brasil is to be congratulated for another goal with Santos”, said Santos FC president Andres Rueda.

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