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Umbro Brazil Release Vintage Jersey Collection

Umbro Brazil head down the retro route once more for a collection of vintage jerseys. The collection sees shirts for Athletico, Grêmio, Santos, Sport Recife, Fluminense, Avaí and Chapecoense and they all have their stories covered in exclusive kits.

Following on from the unified “125 year” celebration release last year, Umbro Brazil unite their roster once more, this time for a lifestyle release that’s fuelled by the passion and tradition of the past, taking classic looks away from the pitch. The unprecedented pieces include the seven teams sponsored by the brand, and its celebrates the historic moments of each team, drawing from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

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The vintage shirts preserve the graphics, logos and colours of each respective era. “Our proposal is to embrace everything that has been experienced by the teams, while including the completeness that the outfit has been encompassing in the brand. The result is extremely satisfactory and linked to the tradition of the clubs,” explained Eduardo Dal Pogetto, Umbro Brazil's brand manager. 

Athletico's shirt is inspired by the year 1997, when CAP's successful partnership with Umbro began. For Grêmio, it’s based on the 1981 mantle, when the team won its first Brazilian Championship.

The base year for Santos is 1963, at the time, the club was two-time champion in the Libertadores da America Cup and two-time World Champion. For Sport Recife it’s the year of 1955, in which they were Champion of Pernambuco in their fiftieth anniversary.

1985 is the year of inspiration for Fluminense's shirt, in which the team was three-time champion Carioca. The kit of Avaí is based on their 1988 shirt, when the club won the Santa Catarina Championship. And finally, Chapecoense's shirt is inspired by the year 1977, when it won its first Championship in Santa Catarina.

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Umbro Brasil's Vintage Shirt Collection is available at

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