Following a tradition born in the last few years, Umbro Brasil have revealed the 2023 ‘Outubro Rosa’ jerseys for its seven club sides. The shirts feature a vibrant shade of pink and graphics that highlight the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Turning the spotlight onto an important cause, as they do this time every year, Umbro Brasil has presented its traditional Pink October shirts for 2023 for its sponsored clubs in Brazil, again in partnership with FEMAMA, the Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions to Support Breast Health. The collection aims to highlight the importance of early detection of breast cancer and unites the seven Double Diamond partner teams in the country: Santos, Grêmio, Fluminense, Sport, Athletico Paranaense, Avaí and Chapecoense.

The Pink October 2023 collection went up a notch this year; in addition to using the vibrant shade of Pink to remind people about the campaign, it also brings an educational element in a minimalist and practical way, to raise awareness among women and men about carrying out breast self-examination. The graphic elements that run across the pink shirts indicate the movements that must be performed for self-examination, an important procedure for identifying nodules or abnormalities early.

Part of the sales will be donated to FEMAMA (Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions to Support Breast Health), which seeks to reduce mortality rates from breast cancer in Brazil.

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We have been with FEMAMA for many years, together in this fight so that awareness can reach more and more people," said Eduardo Dal Pogetto, national director of Umbro Brazil. "These shirts can be seen by everyone as a beautiful message, which shows women not only the need for self-examination, but also brings educational and symbolic elements to encourage the practice of annual mammography for early detection.” 

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The partnership with Umbro helps us give visibility to Pink October. Breast cancer has a 95% chance of being cured if diagnosed in the early stages. Pink October is the month to remember preventive exams that can save lives. Everyone’s empathy is fundamental in this process, we need to feel committed to each other,” highlights breast specialist Maira Caleffi, volunteer president of FEMAMA.

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