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adidas Brasil Unveil 'Outubro Rosa' Kits For Flamengo, SC Internacional & Sao Paulo

Offering up a unified front in the battle against breast and cervical cancer, adidas Brasil have provided Flamengo, São Paulo and Internacional with special ‘Outubro Rosa’ (Pink October) shirts.

Continuing a worthy tradition, adidas Brasil have once again supplied Flamengo, São Paulo and Internacional with pink shirts, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of preventing breast cancer. Where last year’s collection were bordered in black, this year sees the introduction of white trim on what is a standard template for the three clubs. So that sees the branding and club crest for each in white, with subtle hoops through the body.

The campaign’s motto is “the best attack is prevention”, and it aims to highlight the importance of self-care and daily prevention for a better quality of life. Through this, adidas invited fans from each team with stories related to the fight against breast cancer to participate in the launch campaign. Their testimonies will bring reports about this difficult battle, the strength of football as an instrument of overcoming difficulties and the importance of taking routine exams.

The ‘Outubro Rosa’ shirts are unlikely to be worn in any official matches, though part of the revenue obtained from the sale of the shirts will go to São Camilo Oncology, a pioneer in the fight against breast cancer, and which has been serving SUS patients for over 50 years. The shirt will be available in both the female and male models.

Speaking to adidas, Marina Sonagli, oncologist surgeon and master in oncology said: “The objective of Outubro Rosa is to make women aware that mammograms should be done even without symptoms. Thus, it is possible to diagnose breast cancer at an early age, in early stages, which can be cured with proper treatment. Mammography is the main test, it is irreplaceable and can reduce breast cancer mortality by up to 31 percent”.

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The 'Outubro Rosa' jerseys are available at

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