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Nike Launch Brazil 2022 World Cup Home & Away Kits

Gearing up for the Qatar World Cup at the end of the year, Nike have unveiled the Brazil 2022 home and away shirts, which both feature designs inspired the term garra, which has a double meaning in Portuguese that perfectly captures the Selecao.

We all know what it is to have a bit of grit about us in a footballing sense. The equivalent term in Portuguese is garra, however, the word garra holds an additional meaning: it defines the sharp nails in the claws of the onça-pintada, or jaguars, one of the main Brazilian symbols. So, inspired by the nation’s grit, spirit, and resilience, Nike and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) introduce a new collection symbolizing the “Garra Brasileira”.

Representing the “Garra Brasileira” of thousands of Brazilians, the campaign entitled "Veste a Garra" features sport legends, icons of Brazilian culture, and new generation athletes who mirror the national pride: players like Alisson, Richarlison, Rodrygo, Philipe Coutinho, Marquinhos, and Adriana; sprinter Paulo André, former player Ronaldo Nazário (R9), rapper Djonga, funk singer MC Hariel, streamer Babi Loud, and judoka Rafaela Silva.

"For Nike, valuing football means honouring the athletes, youth and communities that have defined it," says Aaron Barnett, Nike Global's Senior Product Director for Football Apparel. "Brazil's new collection celebrates the courage and creativity of a team that never gives up – a team that reflects the best of Nike's own culture of innovation."

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As with all of Nike’s new kits, the new Brazil kits utilise Dri-FIT ADV technology, Nike's most advanced apparel platform. But for the Selecao’s home shirt there’s a special twist: Nike created computerised prints inspired by the jaguar. More than a visual reference on the yellow jersey, this iconic leopard print pattern helps the garment's breathability – which provides a seamless, adaptable fit that absorbs sweat and reduces distraction for the athlete.

For the away shirt, there’s a “Supreme Blue” base colour that’s combined with the jaguar print that appears in a far more visual representation on the sleeves of the shirt. The same Vaporknit template is in use again, although without the special treatment of the home shirt.

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Pick up the Brazil 2022 home and away shirts from 15 September at

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