With the 2022 World Cup right around the corner, adidas have unveiled the new home and away kits for five of its national teams, smashing it out of the park with bespoke designs for Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Spain.

As weird as it may feel thinking we’ve got a World Cup on our hands as we approach winter, it’s happening. The hype for Qatar 2022 is starting to build, and part of that is thanks to the reveal of competing nations’ kits for the tournament, and adidas are the latest brand to reveal designs for five of their competing nations. While we await the shirts for Belgium shirts, what we get today are home and away designs for Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Spain, and it’s fair to say that the Three Stripes have nailed every one.

"When we design national team kits for tournaments as big as the FIFA World Cup, we always keep in mind that these designs will become a part of legendary footballing history. For us it’s crucial first and foremost to create kits that equip the world’s greatest footballing athletes with performance-led apparel that helps them unlock their highest level of play, while at the same time always featuring unique and unforgettably iconic designs that are bold, eye-catching and create a true sense of excitement amongst fans all across the globe.” said Jürgen Rank, Senior Design Director Football at adidas.

They all arrive with the brand's new performance logo, which does away with the 'adidas' wording below, and it's amazing what a difference it makes, instantly feeling tidier and a comfortable fit with the all-round aesthetics of each shirt. Check them out below.

argentina 5-min.jpg
wc 13-min.jpg

Argentina home

Released at the beginning of July, the home now lines up alongside the away shirt for the first time. The design sees a traditional take on the south American nation’s look, with solid blue stripes sitting alongside the white, all of which is bordered by black trim. Solid look for Messi and co.

wc 15-min.jpg
wc 14-min.jpg

Argentina away

Argentina's away shirt then arrives in some purple hues, with a fiery graphic rising from the hem. A strong alternative to the classic blue and white stripes.

germany 7-min.jpg
germany 3-min.jpg

Germany home

Germany are one of these sides that just don't do bad kits, and you can add this to their list of absolute bangers. The gold details of the branding and crest embellish the white and black design, while the colours of the German flag play through the collar, down the sides and round the hem. Simply superb.

germany 10-min.jpg
germany 4-min.jpg

Germany away

While arguably not at the heights of the home shirt, the away is still an absolute beauty. It comes in a deep red and black, with a glitched graphic playing out across the body. The branding and crest then finish the design in bronze. 

wc 7-min.jpg
wc 5-min.jpg

Japan home

Arriving in the nation's traditional blue and white, the Japan home shirt features an origami-style graphic across the body. Red trim down the sides and rear hem finish the look, while attention is also rightly drawn to that striking crest.

wc 8-min.jpg
wc 6-min.jpg

Japan away

With a beautifully retro feel, the Japan away arrives in a simplistic white with black accents bordering the whole design. Simplistic, that is, until you get to the sleeves, where the same origami-style graphic that dominates the home shirt features in subtle flashes of colour. Long sleeves with Three Stripes running right down to the cuffs? You know it.

adi wc 4-min.jpg
mexico 5-min.jpg

Mexico Home

Following on from their last home shirt, adidas go back to a look that is far more akin to what one would imagine a Mexico shirt to look – for starters it’s green, which always helps. Further than that though, the design is also inspired by one of the nation's major deities: Quetzalcoatl, “the Feathered Serpent."

ad wc 2-min.jpg
adi wc 3-min.jpg

Mexico Away

Paying homage to its ancient civilisations, adidas infuses Mexico’s away jersey with Mixtec art to summon the fighting spirit of the nation. Amidst the eye-catching all-over design, a sign off on the inside collar displays Quetzalcoat’s serpent body – a representation of humankind’s physical abilities. Stunning.

wc 3-min.jpg
wc 1-min.jpg

Spain home

A traditional take for Spain, and yet still managing to feel fresh. Red base accented by orange and navy, executed particularly well on that collar.

wc 4-min.jpg
wc 2-min.jpg

Spain away

A wavy alternate option for the Spanish, which arrives in light blue hues with the crest standing out on the centre of the chest in the colours of the nation's flag, while the Three Stripes on the shoulders also join the party in a red, yellow, red formation.

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