With a design that takes inspiration from the nation’s 1970 World Cup winning strip, Nike launch the new Brazil home and away shirts that will be worn for the 2021 Copa America and the upcoming 2022 World Cup qualifiers, with the Seleção set to debut the kits in their upcoming games against Venezuela and Uruguay this month.

With their signature displays on the pitch, Brazil deserve that little bit of flair in their kits, and Nike has duly obliged with the latest home and away shirts for the Seleção. The home shirt takes inspiration from Brazil's 1970 World Cup winning strip, with the classic canary yellow of the body paired with green in the collar and cuffs. But it’s here that we catch that aforementioned flair in the form of a tonal diamond graphic that’s inspired by the flags of the fans. It’s a touch of pure class that instantly elevates the design, fitting for the players that will be wearing it.

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For the away shirt, that tonal diamond graphic is utilised again, but here it is blown up to dominated the upper portion of the shirt, aiding the fade from lighter to darker blue that spreads across the design from lower to upper. Both shirts feature the new federation logo, unveiled earlier this year, but they nod to the past through the use of the same style numbering on the back as the team from 1970. As a final and fitting nod to the World Cup-winning team of 50 years ago, “70” also appears inside the collar of the home shirt in the font used at the Mexico-hosted tournament.

More than winning the World Cup in Mexico, the 1970 Brazilian team and their football mean much more – the genius of that team still resonates on the field and in people's minds,” explained  Gustavo Viana, Marketing Director at Nike Brasil. “We are honouring the team that installed revolutions ahead of its time, with versatile players who collectively challenged their pre-established roles. A style of football that would become legendary, the 'beautiful game' at its best.

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The Brazil 2020/21 home and away shirts will be available at prodirectsoccer.com