As the group stages of the 2022 World Cup edge towards their climactic conclusions, we take a look at the best prematch shirts to have featured in the tournament so far, worn both in warm-ups and post match.

While most focus pre-tournament was on the actual kits that the nations would wear at the 2022 World Cup, and attention now is understandably on the action on the pitch, the attire worn ahead of games has been slightly overlooked. And yet there are some absolutely outstanding designs doing the rounds, with some definitely being good enough to have been used in matches. But while certain designs revealed ahead of the tournament have not been used, mainly due to political reasons and FIFA-imposed restrictions, there are still plenty that have caught the eye.

Nike received a bit of backlash for their template approach to their 2022 federation kits, but the shackles were well and truly removed for the prematch designs, and that’s reflected in the fact that the Swoosh boast six of the top 10 designs in this list. However, they were given a good run for their money by adidas, with a couple of the Three Stripe designs revealed pre-tournament sadly not featuring (Spain, Argentina, Belgium), or it could’ve been even closer. PUMA opted for a template approach, and while it’s a good look, then uniform nature instantly restricts the number of entries. Then there’s a surprise entry from one other brand...

wc prematch 7-min.jpg

10. Senegal – PUMA

PUMA dished out a template design for its federations, with a repeating geometric pattern reserved for the sleeves. Looks best in green for Senegal.

wc prematch 5-min.jpg

9. USA – Nike

Fans of the US were, on the whole, disappointed with the USMNT shirts for the 2022 World Cup, calling them "uninspired" and "boring". Should've gone with the prematch shirt, which is anything but.

wc prematch 4-min.jpg

8. France – Nike

Using the main colours of the nation's Tricolore flag, although not in the usual even split, the France prematch shirt is a contemporary take from Nike.

wc prematch 8-min.jpg

7. Ecuador – Marathon

The only brand to break the Nike, adidas, PUMA triopoly, Marathon provided Ecuador with this wavy design, and we're all for it.

wc prematch 10-min.jpg

6. Croatia – Nike

Nike stick with Croatia's traditional chequered look, although it's masterfully toned down for a more monochrome look that features the nation's name repeating on the opposing squares.

wc prematch 6-min.jpg

5. The Netherlands – Nike

We're getting proper Corinthians 19/20 third shirt vibes from The Netherlands prematch shirt, and that's no bad thing. No obvious link to the nation (although sure there is one), but still a great look.

wc prematch 9-min.jpg

4. Brazil – Nike

A striking design from Nike for Brazil that evokes images of claw marks, tying in with the jaguar theme of the home and away shirts.

wc prematch 11-min.jpg

3. Mexico – adidas

Another design that ties into the home shirt, the Mexico prematch shirt features a reptilian scale graphic across its front, inspired by one of the nation's major deities: Quetzalcoatl, “the Feathered Serpent."

wc prematch 2-min.jpg

2. Portugal – Nike

Hard to find words to explain this one... a host of geometric shapes jostling for position in a mixture of the nation's traditional colours, with some extras tossed in for good measure. And it all just works.

wc prematch 3-min.jpg

1. Germany – adidas

So good, this, that it could easily be the nation's on-pitch jersey. So unfair that they get not only a great home and away shirt, but also this prematch number. Simply outstanding.

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