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Nike Launch Brazil 2018 World Cup Home & Away Shirts

This here is the Brazil home shirt for the 2018 World Cup, and it's yellow. But it's not just yellow, because this year it's slightly more yellower than before. The most yellowest it's been in 20 years in fact.

The vibrant Samba Gold colour is taken from the yellow shirt used in Mexico in 1970, when games were first broadcast in colour. Nike designers even took a colour swatch book to the Football Museum in São Paulo to get it bang on. The Nike home shirt headlines a wider replica collection which includes the away shirt, training apparel, pre-match gear and an Anthem Jacket for the Brazilians ahead of the 2018 World Cup.


The Brazil 2018 away shirt features a tessellating star pattern across the body, that tells the story of two important firsts in the team’s history: 1) The first time they wore blue (in 1958 against Sweden) and 2) The first winner’s star they registered by winning that game.

Brazil will wear their new home and away shirts for the first time this week when they get a taste of football in Russia by taking on the hosts on 23 March, before facing World Champions Germany four days later.

8-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg 4-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg 6-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg
1-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg 5-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg 66-nike-brazil-home-away-world-cup-2018-shirts.jpg

All of Nike's 2018 replica shirts look quite plain from afar, but each respective nation is drenched in immense detail upon closer inspection, and the Brazil jerseys are no different. Its all about the finer finish on the shoulders and body, which Nike have achieved by pushing the boundaries of knitting technology. Works of art, the lot of 'em. Russia is starting to look like one stylish World Cup indeed.


The Brazil 2018 World Cup replica collection will be available March 23.


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