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Looking Back At The Original adidas Teamgeist Kits

15 years on from its original launch at the 2006 World Cup, adidas has reimagined the iconic Teamgeist look for a modern collection that spans nine of the brand’s top tier teams, and with those teams starting to debut the new looks, it got us all nostalgic for the originals…

The action on the pitches at the 2006 World Cup was instantly recognisable for a specific look: that of adidas Teamgeist. It was the official FIFA World Cup match ball, but that landed alongside a revolutionary football kit design that was embraced by fans worldwide. The iconic style then spread from national teams across club teams in the following couple of seasons taking in players from Zidane to Messi, Beckham to Kaka and many, many more, encapsulating an era of football and bridging generations of superstars. 

teamgeist 2-min.jpg
teamgeist 15-min.jpg
teamgeist 3-min.jpg
teamgeist 4-min.jpg

The matching team collections pioneered the look of the game around the globe, defining the style of football for generations to come, and now adidas have brought the look back in what is a satisfying blast of throwback flavour. 

Both Manchester United and Arsenal wore the collections in the warm up ahead of their clash on the weekend, and the Gunners’ U15 team actually wore it in their match against Charlton. Celtic and Juventus have also worn the collections in their warmups and training sessions. But this resurgence has got us thinking back to the originals of 06/07 and just who had the best?

From Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres smashing the prem to pieces to peak Beckham in his Predator Precisions at Real Madrid, not to mention some of the icons of the game wearing them on the pitches in Germany. It really is an iconic look of a generation, and while we’re thrilled to have them back in the 2021 collection, we can’t help but think back with fond memories to 2006/07. So much sauce…

teamgeist 5-min.jpg
teamgeist 9-min.jpg
teamgeist 7-min.jpg
teamgeist 8-min.jpg
teamgeist 10-min.jpg
teamgeist 6-min.jpg
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teamgeist 13-min.jpg

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