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adidas "Spark in the Night" Third Kits

With the European scene about to take light, adidas have released the 2015/16 3rd kits of Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, Chelsea FC, Juventus and AC Milan which will be shown off at the #BETHEDIFFERENCE World Final in Marseille.

Looking to 'spark in the night' each of the six European giants have sent two of their top players to Marseille to help showcase the kits that will be worn as each club goes to work in Europe and cup competitions. Incorporating unique reference points for each kits; fans, the cities and the heritage all go some way to forming the kits that the brand has created. Collectively the teams have won 28 UEFA Champions League trophies, this is THE elite.

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Manchester United’s kit has been designed with neon red accents as a pointer to the numerous glorious European nights at Old Trafford and that's before you even mention the homage to the patterns used on the adidas x United kits of the 80s and early 90s. Meanwhile, the Real Madrid kit combines night indigo and bright blue colours calling to mind epic UEFA Champions League’s encounters under the Madrid night sky.

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The new FC Bayern Munich kit includes bright colour highlights and specific fabric, designed to shine in Europe’s top competition. Chelsea’s is inspired by a fingerprint graphic – an illustration of the club’s identity. It's a shirt the club have already having taken to the pitch wearing as they beat West Brom on Sunday.

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Keeping it cool on another level the Juventus third kit has a unique gold imprint on the three stripes and club crest – a symbol of the club’s success in the major European competition, Italian swag and sheer class on that one. A stand out in its own right is that of AC Milan. A new kit that transmits the striking colours and “green aspect” of the EXPO, which their city proudly hosts this year.

It's quite a collection that adidas have brought to the fore. They've available to don here.


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