15 years on from its original launch at the 2006 World Cup, adidas reimagine the iconic Teamgeist look for a modern collection that spans nine of the brand’s top tier teams, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Arsenal.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany featured the debut of what would become a quite iconic look: that of Teamgeist. The instantly recognisable and unique design was originally worn by international teams including Argentina and Germany during the tournament, followed by club teams during the 2006/07 campaign. And now, 15 years on from the launch of one of the most recognisable designs in football, adidas bring it back. 

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The revived Teamgeist collection sees the famous 2006 World Cup Template return for nine club teams – Real Madrid, Juventus, Celtic, Manchester United, Ajax, FC Bayern, Arsenal, Flamengo, and Boca Juniors, each with a reimagined version of the design for the modern era. Initially, the pre-match shirts and wider lifestyle collections will be available, with the tracksuits set to follow in February.

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director at adidas said: “The revived Teamgeist collection is a fantastic way to celebrate such an iconic design. Many fans still remember that era around 2006 and feel comfortable, and excited, when seeing the remakes because it triggers such great memories.

At the same time, the Teamgeist era and its characteristic designs are highly fashionable again. This makes it so easy to adapt also for the ones which were too young to witness the 2006 magic by themselves, but they know and love the styles from back then.”

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