Bringing a purely lifestyle approach to its top European teams, adidas has dropped the ‘LFSTLR’ collection, reimagining the third shirts of Arsenal, Bayern Munich Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid for the street.

Jersey culture has arguably never been bigger, with its influence spilling across virtually any walk of life, and the appreciation for a good design being recognised from courts to catwalks and beyond. Long gone are the days when a decent footy shirt was restricted to the stadium, and with that in mind, adidas have unveiled the ‘LFSTLR’ collection, which features the season 23/24 third jerseys of some its leading clubs, re-imagined as fashion-focused, lifestyle streetwear.

Removing the performance aspect but retaining the core aesthetics that are at the heart of this seasons third shirts, the collection is designed for all fashion-conscious fans who live and breathe football as much as they value their own individual style.

The collection includes adaptations of the third jerseys of Arsenal, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid, retaining the overall design blueprint of the authentic on-pitch and fan versions but with a focus on wearability and comfort over pure performance for the field of play.

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adidas worked with each club to appoint a Creative Lead, tapping into the worlds of fashion and music, and ensuring the unique flair of each team came through with bespoke individuality:

Arsenal linked up with Grammy-award winning rapper, Pusha T

FC Bayern collaborated with Achraf, one of the hottest names in the German fashion and music industry

Juventus called upon Italian style with fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura

Manchester United teamed up with Nigerian Afropop singer-songwriter, Adekunle Gold & Manchester’s The KTNA

Real Madrid worked with renowned Mexican rapper, Alemán

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Sam Handy, Vice President Product and Design, adidas Football, said: “The lines between football and fashion have never been more blurred, which is why we’re excited to launch this new collection for fans who want to show off their club pride in style and comfort. Each of the clubs featured in the LFSTLR collection are globally recognised institutions whose appeal stretch beyond a purely football context.  That’s why we wanted to challenge and redefine the traditional concept of a replica jersey and tap into current streetwear trends – making them a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any fashion-conscious supporter.

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Each jersey is made with an elevated base material, including heavier superior fabrics for additional comfort as well as featuring a more premium trim execution and detailing to truly ramp up the style factor. The application of a tonal adidas badge gives each jersey a clean, crisp look that gives the club crests additional prominence. Between 70-100 percent of the materials used in each jersey are from recycled or renewable sources.

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