The latest club to get the retro treatment from Adidas is Bayern Munich, who’ve unveiled their ‘Bring It Back’ collection, featuring a remake of the 1970s home jersey.

In case you didn’t know, retro is all the rage right now, and adidas have been capitalising on it by delving into the archives for both clubs and countries, bringing back some iconic looks for the likes of Juventus, Lyon, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and more. Now it is the turn of Bayern Munich, for whom the clock is rolled back to the glory days of the 1970s.

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The Bayern Munich Bring It Back range “celebrates a glorious past that continues to inspire the present”. The highlight of the collection is a recreation of the home jersey that became a symbol of FC Bayern's arrival as a footballing powerhouse. It’s a simplistic affair, with a red base joined by the white branding that’s splashed across the chest and Three Stripes on the sleeves. Not even a club crest in sight. That’s joined by a red-on-red ‘Beckenbauer’ tracksuit for the complete Bayern look, retro shorts, a classic crew sweatshirt and a graphic tee.

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