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adidas Reveal Colombia 2020 Away Shirt

The final international break of the year has seen adidas focus on next summer's major tournaments. The Three Stripes have already rolled out home shirts for their leading EURO 2020 nations, and now they've turned attentions to Copa America 2020 by launching the away jersey for co-hosts Colombia.

Following on from their Argentinean co-hosts unveiling their 2020 away shirt this week, Colombia have revealed a vibrant design with disruptive flowing shapes inspired by the kaleidoscope of colours beneath the surface of the country's iconic Magdalena River. Hues of blues meet that traditional yellow palette as adidas serve up another stylish effort for the Colombians. 


Hang on a minute, wasn't there a Copa America in 2019? Yeah, you're right there was. Brazil won it in July. So why's there another one this year? Well, the CONMEBOL chaps are having a bit of a re-set and starting from 2020 the tournament will be held every four years in even-numbered years to match the EUROS. Got it? Good.


The obvious adidas trend for their international 2020 kits is those statement and widened sleeve-cuffs which are wrapped in each respective nation's flag colours. The Colombia Copa America 2020 away shirt is complemented by yellow short and blue socks. Fans won't have to wait long to see the kit in action for the first time as Colombia take on Peru in Miami on Saturday, before heading to New York to play Ecuador on Wednesday. Both are friendlies, but we all know South Americans don't really do friendlies.


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