EURO 2020 ain't the only big tournament to look forward to in the summer as Argentina are gearing up to co-host the 2020 Copa America with Colombia. Kicking off the countdown to the competition adidas have unveiled Argentina's new 2020 away shirt which will be worn by Messi and his pals as they look to secure international glory in their own back yard.

Hang on a minute, wasn't there a Copa America in 2019? Yeah, you're right there was. Brazil won it in July. So why's there another one this year? Well, the chaps down in South America are having a bit of a re-set and starting from 2020 the tournament will be held every four years in even-numbered years to match the EUROS. Which is just as well for Messi as he goes in search of that elusive major international title.


Now we've got that out of the way let's have a look at the new Argentina 2020 away shirt. As with the adidas trend for their recent batch of EURO 2020 home jersey releases, the Argentina shirt takes on a graphic pattern across the body of the shirt with those statement wide cuffs finished in a style and colours of the national flag. A stylish blend of modern meets retro, and busy enough to stay fresh.


Argentina will debut their brand new 2020 adidas away shirt when they take on the old enemy Brazil this week... in Saudi Arabia... because international breaks are weird. Smart, this one. Expect adidas to continue their Copa America 2020 kit releases in the coming weeks. For Argentina, it's all about those double-captain vibes cuffs.


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