Forever pushing boundaries and never afraid to tread new ground, Paris-based outfit Red Star FC once again display their creative culture by releasing a special edition adidas women's jersey celebrating the 2019 Women's World Cup in France.

With this year’s Women’s World Cup landing on their doorstep, Parisian side Red Star FC have jumped on the opportunity to release a special edition jersey for the occasion, celebrating the reach for equality that has become prevalent in the game in recent times. Sure, Red Star may get overshadowed by another mildly more famous Paris-based team, but when they want to execute a special edition release, there aren’t many better in the game.


Red Star’s long history and culturally rich heritage marks the club out instantly, but combine that with their avant-garde approach to all things football, and what you’re presented with is an unconventional take that’s instantly appealing to any connoisseur of football culture. And all of that is captured elegantly in this latest special edition jersey, which features a fashionable pinstripe design and regal gold detailing. Packing a progressive Parisian punch, this is style and support of the Women’s game, all rolled up in one stunning shirt. 


Pick up the adidas Red Star FC Special Edition WWC Shirt here.