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Calcetto Eleganza Launch New Nike Jerseys

Unapologetically unique, Milan-based creative collective Calcetto Eleganza have unveiled their latest jerseys that arrive in collaboration with Nike. Designed for both the men’s and women’s teams, the jerseys are the next step in the continuing quest to transcend gender in the blur that is football fashion.

Calcetto Eleganza started out as an amateur football club, born from a group of friends that shared the same passion for football. But when they realised that they were actually pretty rubbish on the pitch, their attention turned to another shared passion: namely good taste in fashion. And so, this creative collective brought the hype that revolves around the world of sneakers and streetwear into the culture of their club.

Calcetto 11-min.jpg

Their motto, “Not for sport, but for fashion” sums up the ethos of this group. While their passion for football is undeniable, their priorities no longer lie on the pitch – they once forfeited a game to instead attend a Nike Air Max 97 "Silver" Future Forward Party. But they count themselves as more than a football team; Calcetto Eleganza are a family, and to wear their jersey is to be part of that family, and it exists as a means of expression that serves to blur the lines between gender in football.

The latest release consists of three options: an all-black home, an all-white away, and a volt keepers jersey. The jerseys will be worn by both the Calcetto Eleganza men’s and women’s team, y’know, when there isn’t something better to do…

Calcetto 1-min.jpg
Calcetto 2-min.jpg
Calcetto 3-min.jpg
Calcetto 4-min.jpg

You can find out more about what Calcetto Eleganza are all about here.


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