Nike continue to rip up shirt design convention with the Pumas UNAM 2019/20 home and away jerseys, which once again sees the Puma head logo taking centre stage. The Mexican club continue to pack one of the strongest and dominant aesthetics in the game with a vibe that ducks convention.

It’s something of a tradition for the Pumas’ oversized logo to dominate the design of the club’s shirts, defying shirt design convention for a look that is uniquely theirs. Anything else for the Mexican side just seems… wrong, as evidenced with last season’s away offering. So it’s good to see that it’s once again the main feature of Nike’s home and away offerings for the 2019/20 Liga MX season.


The home jersey boasts a white base with navy accents. But the beauty of this jersey is in the finer details; it features a sublimated sun ray design that emanates out from its centre, with a repeating Aztec logo all over. It’s there to pay homage to the players and fans who forged the club, playing games and supporting under the blazing heat on a Sunday.

At first glance the away kit is extremely reminiscent of the 2018/19 third kit, borrowing the same navy base with gold detailing, but a closer look reveals subtle changes that separate the two. Firstly, gone is the tonal print of the National Autonomous University of Mexico within the borders of the Puma head logo. Then there’s a vertical stripe design of differing shades of navy. That’s accompanied by an intricate sublimated graphic that features across the whole jersey. It’s inspired by Tláloc, the god of rain, and it’s dedicated to cup nights, which are often accompanied by heavy rains. But, yeah, we're mainly here for the giant puma heads.


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