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Calcetto Eleganza Unveil The Products Of Their Online Workshop

Creative collective Calcetto Eleganza recently hosted a “Recycling a football jersey” workshop, curated and supervised by their very own Alberto Panocchi, and the Milan-based outfit have now unveiled the fruits of that very digital tutorial.

Building on the mantra “Creativity has no boundaries”, Calcetto Eleganza have taken the lockdown as an opportunity to dig even more into the blur of football and fashion, finding new inspiration in it through technology and sustainability. As part of this they recently announced that they would be hosting a very exclusive online “Recycling a football jersey”workshop. The concept was easy enough, simply requiring participants to get an old football shirt out of the closet, grab old pieces of cloth, paper, plastic and the like, ensure the required equipment is at hand (scissors, glue, tape, needle, thread), and then be ready to (re)create.

calcetto 2 -min.jpg

After rethinking their own jersey, Calcetto Eleganza hosted the event on 28 April and involved 11 creatives from different countries such as US, France, Ireland, and Italy to share and bring their creativity to the table, from the comfort of their own homes. Two hours of creation in a one-of-a-kind, live-experience, reunited and connected under the safe root of football. 

calcetto 13-min.jpg
calcetto 3-min.jpg
calcetto 2-min.jpg
calcetto 4-min.jpg
calcetto 5-min.jpg
calcetto 7-min.jpg
calcetto 6-min.jpg
calcetto 11-min.jpg
calcetto 10-min.jpg
calcetto 12-min.jpg
calcetto 8-min.jpg
calcetto 9-min.jpg

The highlights of the workshop are also available through Calcetto Eleganza's Instagram account.

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