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Calcetto Eleganza Host Online Jersey Workshop

Harnessing their creative talents and putting them to good use during this period of lockdown, Milan outfit Calcetto Elegnaza are set to host an online jersey workshop, recycling and revamping football jerseys to offer something completely unique.

Milan-based creative collective Calcetto Eleganza are themselves unapologetically unique, offering up some outstanding kits that promote their motto, “Not for sport, but for fashion”. Says it all really. What started out as an amateur football club, born from a group of friends that shared the same passion for football, soon developed into something more, offering an outlet for the creative side of what quickly became more of a family than a team. Now, in this period of quarantine, they are offering the chance for followers to participate in a “Recycling a football jersey” workshop, curated and supervised by their very own Alberto Panocchi.

Simple concepts brought to life, Calcetto simply require participants to get an old football shirt out of the closet, grab old pieces of cloth, paper, plastic and the like, ensure the required equipment is at hand (scissors, glue, tape, needle, thread), and then be ready to (re)create.

Details of how to be in with a chance of taking part in the workshop, which will be hosted on 28 April on Zoom, can be found on Calcetto Eleganza's Instagram. But the bad news is that this is an extremely limited opportunity, with only 11 places available. So if they’re not gone already, they soon will be.

calcetto 2 -min.jpg

Guarantee our effort would look like a toddler had gone to town on their parent's vintage design. Hope you have better luck!

Daniel Jones

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