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The Kits of Seoul E-Land FC

South Korean side join the party in a truly unique fashion with these 'Wild' kits.

Having being founded in 2014, these newcomers to the K-League Challenge (The South Korean second division) are another team who have released kits on the wilder side of the spectrum.

A range of kits, each boasts a mixture of colours and base patterns. The goalkeeper home kit, a dark red, is matched by a blue home kit and grey / white away kit - all crisped with a gold trim. Designs to split opinion, it's good to see something quite frankly out there...out there.

The club is connected with New Balance but the kit looks to have been created in-house to a certain extent, as it doesn't carry a brand. Good to see the players sporting some smart boots in the images above. Look out for the Mizuno Morelia NEO.

What do you think of the kits? Let us know in the comments below.


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