The Korean Pepperoni pizza meets Japanese Crab, as PPRN Seoul and Crab.FC come together for the first collaborative jersey, the ‘Crusty Crab Pizza’ jersey, which takes a bit of influence from SpongeBob SquarePants, in name at least, if nothing else.

Pepperoni Seoul (PPRN Seoul) is a lifestyle apparel brand that creates a variety of football-related cultures, making a firm move in the football-inspired lifestyle sector in South Korea. Following up link ups with the likes of NSS for the BAAAM Scudettto jersey and Spunky, their latest link sees them with Crab.FC, a football creative based in Japan, whose main concept is to interact with various creators in Japan as well as in other regions. And so the two come together, PPRN Seoul bringing its Pizza stylings, and Crab.FC its seafood flavourings for a one-piece collaboration that crosses boundaries to sit within a new era of football culture. 

crab 5-min.jpg
crab 8-min.jpg

The design of the collaboration, which shows the football culture of Korea and Japan, where the two creative brands meet, is full of their individual identities. In particular, it features two brands slogans written in each country's language and a humorous PPRN mascot face pinched by crab on the back. In addition, the meeting between crab and pizza is named after their favourite cartoon, episode : “Krusty Krab Pizza” from SpongeBob SquarePants. 

The shirt is modelled in PPRN Seoul’s trademark style, this time captured in a lookbook taken at a fisheries market with a real crab in Seoul. Authentic.

crab 7-min.jpg
crab 6-min.jpg
crab 10-min.jpg
crab 9-min.jpg

The "Crusty Crab Pizza" jersey can be purchased at the PPRN Seoul online store

Director : @nenza_0 @kyeonhong @harryphoto_kr

Jersey / Contents Design : @kyeonhong

Illustration : @stay_positive_tokyo

Model : @fuckd_yong

Photographer : @harryphoto_kr

Editor : @harryphoto_kr

Production : @pepperoni.seoul

Agency : @crab.fc