Together again, Football and subculture-themed brand Pepperoni Seoul and Women's clothing brand Spunky have linked up for a second jersey drop, this time inspired by ‘Chunky Dunky,’ a collaboration between Nike and Ben & Jerry’s. Yep, the Ice Cream…

Following on from their last link up, which caught some headlines when it was worn this summer by Miyeon, lead singer of K-pop band (G)I-DLE, PPRN Seoul and Spunky are together once again for their the second collaborative football jersey with a lifestyle concept, this one known as ‘Chunky Spunky’.

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The new jersey drop from PPRN Seoul and Spunky will potentially say a lot about you: depending on your disposition you will either see a) a milk cow pattern, or b) a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. Now, it’s not for us to make judgements on your life choices based on what you see… but if you want to console yourself with a tub of the cold stuff while watching your favourite Rom-Com, then that’s fine by us. 

Arriving as the second collaborative drop from PPRN Seoul x Spunky, ‘Chunky Spunky’ is of course designed with a hefty dose of Ben & Jerry’s influence. Using the ‘Milk Cow’ pattern, which is also the main design theme of Spunky, PPRN Seoul designed the parody jersey using the artwork inspired by ‘Chunky Dunky,’ the SB Dunk Low collaboration between Nike and Ben & Jerry’s. Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions, the design is finished with the number 51 on the back – the main number of the Spunky brand – and it’s presented as if the ice cream is melting down.

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The PPRN Seoul x Spunk 'Chunky Spunky' jersey is available at