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PPRN Seoul Take A Stance Against Pineapple On Pizza With Latest Drop

South Korean Creative collective Pepperoni Seoul have used their latest shirt drop to address an issue that is extremely close to their hearts: that of putting pineapple on pizzas.

The Hawaiian pizza is a topic of great debate: like marmite, it appears you either love it or you hate it. For South Korean collective Pepperoni Seoul, who, as their name may suggest, combine two of their passions to base most of their creative output on pizza-centric football shirts, it is a matter of great importance, and one for which they fall hard on the traditional, Italian side of things.

As such they use their latest two-piece jersey drop to wholeheartedly show their stance on the matter. Both shirts come emblazoned with the wording “Say no to pineapple”, executed in various different graphic elements. 

The first shirt, a black and white stripe offering, instantly conjures images of classic Newcastle United shirts of the mid-90s, with the iconic Newcastle Brown Ale making way for a similar looking protest to the placing of the tropical fruit on pizzas. 

That shirt is then joined by a white number, which tones down the protests… on the front at least. On the back of each shirt is a large picture of a pineapple with a ‘do not’ or ‘not allowed’ symbol placed over it. Above it, in classic kit font, again appears the wording ‘Say no to pineapple’. Appears they really don’t like the idea of the sweet hit on a pizza.

pineapple 1-min.jpg
pineapple 4-min.jpg
pineapple 2-min.jpg
pineapple 5-min.jpg
pineapple 9-min.jpg
pineapple 8-min.jpg
pineapple 7-min.jpg
pineapple 6-min.jpg

Personally don’t mind a bit of pineapple on a pizza. Yeah, we said it…

The anti-pineapple jerseys can be purchased now at at the Pepperoni Seoul online store.

Daniel Jones

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