Coming together over a joint love of both football shirts and pizza, NSS and Pepperoni Seoul (PPRNSeoul) have created the ‘BAAAM Scudetto kit’: a celebration of the Inter scudetto and a love letter to the Italian football shirt aesthetic.

From the USA to Korea and beyond, Pepperoni pizza has become a national symbol, a kind of creative recreation of Italian tradition and aesthetics. That same creative philosophy that has led to the cross over of football and fashion, and it’s what’s at the heart of Pepperoni Seoul. And so they have joined forces with NSS for some authentic cross over vibes, celebrating Inter’s first Scudetto in a decade.

pepperoni 11-min.jpg
pepperoni 10-min.jpg

Baaam is the phonetic translation of the korean words for snake, which in the 80s was on the Inter crest. The sponsor of the shirt celebrates the iconic and soon to be departing Pirelli logo – with its iconic long P. 

Pepperoni is the most popular topping for pizza around the world, while in Italy pepperoni are called salame piccante. It’s almost as if pepperoni is a bridge between traditional Italian culture and the rest of the world. This Korean-Italian fusion takes full life in the details of the graphics: from the Serie A patch to the celebrating pizza-inspired graphic on the back of the shirt. The kit is completed by the summer striped shorts with the classic Nerazzurro colourway. 

pepperoni 12-min.jpg
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The BAAAM Scudetto kit is exclusively available on nss store and PPRNSeoul online store for a limited time.