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Introducing Our Inaugural SoccerBible Insights Paper

We are excited to launch our inaugural SoccerBible Insights paper: SoccerBible Guide to Creative Soccer Culture (2024).

At the start of 2024, we announced that we are refocusing SoccerBible’s contribution to football culture as we embark on our mission to celebrate football’s relationship with what we call Creative Soccer Culture and the communities that shape it.

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Creative Soccer Culture is an ever-evolving ecology and diverse range of creative passion points, from product design, fashion, and art, to photography, film, and music. The future of SoccerBible will be about opening the world of Creative Soccer Culture to the widest possible audience.

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Never has it been more important to get a clear and authentic understanding of the changing dynamics and views of the Creative Soccer Community, and the forces that shape their preferences, behaviours, likes and dislikes. Alongside talking to football’s creatively minded on a daily basis, SoccerBible has begun to study them, starting with this paper.

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This cultural analysis explores the Creative Soccer Culture mindset and its archetypes. We surveyed 200+ members of the Creative Soccer Community globally and spoke with various experts from the industry itself. We explore how shifting perspectives, desires and needs have manifested new expressions of creativity in football and unpack the vast potential that our culture holds for consumers and brands and creatives alike.

By sharing these insights, our objective is to provide a window into this creative-led movement and offer an invaluable opportunity to understand it and help forecast the future of Creative Soccer Culture.

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Download the digital version of Guide to Creative Soccer Culture (2024) here.

Daniel Jones

The Creative Soccer Culture Brief

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