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Our 'On A Plate' Creative Soccer Culture Tour Hits L.A.

Coming on the weekend of El Tráfico, there was only one place that we could pull up for the next edition of “ON A PLATE”, our Creative Soccer Culture tour, and that was Los Angeles.

The first stop on SoccerBible’s inaugural “ON A PLATE” Creative Soccer Culture Tour in partnership with adidas saw us pulling up at Miami, where we plated it up with some of the city’s finest to hear their perspectives on the city’s evolving creative soccer scene. And this weekend the tour continued, taking us to our next destination: the City of Angels, Los Angeles. It was a stop that couldn’t have been timed better, with football fever at full height for El Tráfico, making L.A. the place to be as we took up residence at the incredibly impressive adidas Fútbol Society pop-up at 217 S La Brea Ave.

So, what's "ON A PLATE" all about? Well, football is a contemporary creative force. Our innate passion for creative football is what allows us to dream of new interactions that shape the future. From art, photography and film to product design, music, and architecture, we believe the intersections of football and creativity are broad and all-encompassing and we want to open this world up to the widest possible audience. It’s a world that we’re coining “Creative Soccer Culture”.

That’s why we’re hitting the road for our inaugural “ON A PLATE” Creative Soccer Culture Tour; a series of IRL community activations, bringing the spirit and ethos of Creative Soccer Culture to a stop near you. The North American leg of the tour, in partnership with adidas Football, kicked off in Miami on 23 February, and has now taken in L.A. on 5 April. With further stops scheduled, we’ll be speaking with and showcasing groups and individuals who are doing cool things in the Creative Soccer Community.

The evening in L.A. once again featured a dinner party and panel discussion, exploring the unique ways Los Angeles is bringing creativity to the game. Photography, music and, of course, food were central to what was another beautiful evening. Check out the scenes below and keep it peeled for info on our next stop...

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Next stop: New York!

Daniel Jones

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