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Trinity Rodman Pulled Up To Our 'On A Plate' Creative Soccer Culture Tour In New York

On our third stop, we took over the adidas Fútbol Society pop-up in Brooklyn with an expert panel discussion, a delicious dinner, and more to celebrate Copa América in the Big Apple.

It was only a matter of time until SoccerBible’s inaugural “ON A PLATE” Creative Soccer Culture Tour in partnership with adidas reached New York, after chopping it up with those spearheading the burgeoning creative soccer scene in Miami and Los Angeles. And we took a big bite out of the sunny Big Apple when guests stopped by for our third dinner party and panel discussion to break down how soccer and creativity boldly intersect in this special city. Coming together to celebrate the eagerly anticipated Copa América tournament which begins on 20 June – not that anyone we spoke to believed the USA could win with Brazil, Argentina and Columbia in the mix – people couldn’t help but admire the brand new home Jamaica jersey.

So why do we do this? Football is a contemporary creative force. Our innate passion for creative football is what allows us to dream of new interactions that shape the future. From art, photography and film to product design, music, and architecture, we believe the intersections of football and creativity are broad and all-encompassing and we want to open this world up to the widest possible audience. It’s a world that we’re coining “Creative Soccer Culture”.

This series of IRL community activations is designed to bring the spirit and ethos of Creative Soccer Culture to a stop near you. The North American leg of the “ON A PLATE” Creative Soccer Culture Tour, in partnership with adidas Football, kicked off in Miami on 23 February, then L.A. on 5 April, and now New York on 9 June. With further stops scheduled, we’ll be speaking with and showcasing groups and individuals who are doing cool things in the Creative Soccer Community. Here’s what went down on Sunday night.


Hosted in Brooklyn at 55 Kent Ave, everyone that came through for the different activations started in a locker room that showcased the newest F50 boots as well as the latest Columbia, Jamaica and Argentina jerseys. After heading down the tunnel and past the kinetic adidas statue, there was a TV tower hooked up with video games, an impressive F50 boot wall timeline, a jersey customisation station, a bodega-inspired bar, and an indoor pitch. The SoccerBible twists? Our now signature pop-up photo booth, this time with a dynamic parachute backdrop reminiscent of the parachute game you probably played at school, and Lauren Damaskinos on hand to capture guests’ portraits. Behind the director chairs that the panellists sat on hung a DIY SoccerBible flag, and colourful dinner tables were moved in with each place marked with bespoke menus and napkins designed by artist Inspector Nuggs. From Lady Liberty fully kitted out in adidas football gear, to melting pizza slices, hot dogs and bagels, all of the graphics nodded to and winked at the NYC location.


SoccerBible’s Pete Martin, Keane Pearce Shaw and Felicia Pennant sat on the panel with Systemarosa co-founder Sam Herzog, Vice President of Design at Adidas Football Sam Handy and Scenes NY founder Lucas Capozzi-Shanks. These early adopters revealed what creative soccer culture means to them personally and more about their individual creative football projects. Herzog shared how she and her co-founder Naomi Accardi got their fashion and football platform off the ground and that they curate their vintage jerseys to appeal to the fashion-conscious specifically. Handy opened up about his own personal inspirations, and how adidas keep their innovative jersey and football boot designs nostalgic and authentic, while Capozzi-Shanks revealed how he found his niche with Scenes NY and the reality of crafting the perfect football shorts.


Naturally we opened up our little black book to invite old friends, future collaborators, and some of NYC’s biggest football visionaries. Washington Spirit and USWNT forward Trinity Rodman showed up and so did Gotham FC ballers Maycee Bell and Yazmeen Ryan, former Lioness and broadcaster Eni Aluko, hiphop photographer Mel D. Cole, Office Magazine Senior Fashion Editor John Colver, presenter Darian Jenkins, legendary skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales…


DJ Wisdom spun tunes all night except for when Samba New York paraded out to do their sets. Picking up from where the mariachi band that performed at the last stop left off, the four band members passionately drummed out infectious Brazilian rhythms accompanied by two smiling dancers dressed for carnival. 


Zoom in on the dinner party area and there were more original SoccerBible details: patchworked jerseys as table runners, gorgeous flowers, and little lamps in lieu of candles. Over a delicious menu of pollo guisado, pescado con coco, and stuffed red peppers with churros and tres leches for dessert served by Brooklyn-based caterers Red Table, friendships were forged and business cards were exchanged. Everyone took off with a bespoke tasselled pennant and poster – this tour stop’s special souvenirs – as well as an adidas jersey.

Photography Phil Provencio.
Next stop: back to Los Angeles!

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